Releasing Trauma and Shame
Restoring and Enhancing Pleasure

Zia and Dragon

The World  Redeemed Through Pleasure

Welcome to our website.

As Sexuality Educators, Pleasure Activists and TRE® Practioners we are committed to bringing about more  acceptance of the beauty of the human body, sexuality, gender expression and relationship diversity through education and healing.

We believe that pleasure, sexual self actualization and the freedom to express our gender and sexual preferences is our birthright. We are all Born Naked with an immense capacity for joy and bodily pleasure. It's time to claim this birthright!

We want to offer our skills and experience to you on the immensely rewarding journey to release shame, trauma and repression from your body and relationships. It would give us great satisfaction to assist you in allowing greater physical pleasure and joy into your life and discovering more estatic Sacred Sexual expression.

Blessed Be and Namaste!